How Big Data Brings You a Competitive Advantage

While the act of big data and data collection seems like a great idea, how does this actually help your company? The advantages of data collection do not lie within how much data an organization acquires, but how they use this information. Here are just a few tips on how a company can take data from any source and make it into something phenomenal.

Getting Your Online Reputation Under Control
Sentiment analysis gives companies the ability to know what others are saying about their product and customer service. Being able to widely collect that feedback can help monitor who is saying what about your company on a large scale.

Your online presence and how you present your brand is vital to your success. By being able to adjust to widely suggested feedback, your audience will be impressed to how you listen to their valued opinions.

Creating Time Reductions
Innovative tools can help identify brand new sources of data as it happens. This can help organizations analyze data immediately and make quick decisions based on the information.

In-memory analytics and high-speed tools help to make this happen quickly and efficiently. Dataccess has everything you need to get the information you need right here, right now.

Assisting in New Product Development
Trends in the internet fly by fast, and by the time companies hop on something it’s far too late. Remember silly bandz fad? Neither do we.

The point is, the average internet user has a short attention span. Even google analytics measures the dwell time of how long a user stays on a page to manage page rank. Knowing where your customer’s attention is currently drawn to vital to your success.

Understanding the Conditions of the Market
This point goes hand in hand with the last. Knowing your customers purchasing behaviors can let your company know what products are the being sold the most. Producing products according to the trend can help you to stay one step ahead of any competition.