"Contains the versatility and applicability that we need ..."

DatAccess, which offers overhauling, parts, repair capabilities, etc. gives you access to a great number of tools and data bases that not only help you to find a part but also who makes it, who repairs it, and who has it, not only that the government information, and the ability to send quotes and receive them too. This website contains the versatility and applicability that we need; that is why DatAccess is now our part locator and also our consultant and contact holder.

Is important for me to let you know that this web site gave us a free week trial in order to let us test against another system its functionality, and this only fact was very productive and lead us to the conclusion that this service is much better that our past provider, so that we prefer DatAccess!

Ramón Méndez Román
Jefe Laboratorio Mantenimiento
División Sistemas de Defensa
DTS Ltda.

DATACCESS para existencia de repuestos, partes, etc., relacionada con la aviación, entrega listado de herramientas que requiere un determinado accesorio para ser instalado, información del Gobierno, además, tiene la peculiaridad de poder seleccionar una necesidad y reenviarla en forma directa a los proveedores que la tengan en existencia, lo que le da versatibilidad y fue otro de los motivos por el cual en DTS ya lo tenemos como página de consultas y contactos.

Importante es mencionarte que a nosotros nos dio una semana de acceso gratis para evaluarla, tiempo que sacamos mucho provecho y que nos bastó para compararla con otra Base de Información que tenemos y poder deducir que ésta es mejor.

Afectuosos saludos.

Ramón Méndez Román
Jefe Laboratorio Mantenimiento
División Sistemas de Defensa
DTS Ltda.

"A very reliable source of parts ..."


DatAccess has shown to be a very reliable source of spare parts, at a very reasonable cost. It has helped us a lot in finding parts and suppliers to support our operations.

Best regards,
Roberto Barillas
Manager, Purchasing & Contracts
TACA International Airlines

"I really appreciate the excellent customer service ..."



I wanted to thank yourself, Jennifer, and your entire staff for generating my initial broadcast. I really appreciate the excellent customer service I have received.

After several months of correspondence and planning your assistance in implementing a plan to assist my company in reaching new customers, advertising new services, and making known what we already offer has been truly essential.

I certainly appreciate all of your help and our new found friendship that I am certain will last for many years to come.

Best regards,
Jason T. Pitts
Vice President / Managing Member
AAPS Aerospace

"I rate DatAccess as number one..."


We all here at Senior Aerospace SSP Division prefer DatAccess as best of all the informational web sites on the internet. We have had some we thought could never be replaced, but DatAccess had much more detailed information. The service for adding and replacing our personnel is by far better as well. We have tried this program with the best of personnel and found it more superior than the other ones on the web. The Government Logistics Data is great too. I rate DatAccess as number one.

Andy Burdick
Senior Aerospace

"Everyone here loves DatAccess..."


Everyone here loves the DatAccess website. The Pages work perfect as always. Also the new features are great.

Sascha Wehske
Honeywell Hardware

"Quick, easy and a lot less expensive ..."


Just a note to let you all know how much we are using and enjoying your inventory service.

We have been able to locate parts, vendors, NSN Numbers and past purchases. The service is quick, easy and a lot less expensive.

Thanks so much for all your courteous help and service.

Diane Turner
L-3 Vertex

"We are so impressed with DatAccess..."


When we first purchased the Data Access site we did not realize at first what to expect, now only 3 weeks on we are so impressed with what the site can actually do. The actual set up of the site is so well laid out even a 2 year old could work with it. There are so many options to choose from to search for an unknown product, and the help line are always on alert for any requested problems, all in all a great job Mr. Auerbach. I personally and I feel the majority of my colleagues also feel that the site is well worth the money, and we are all glad we joined.

Thank you very much,

Mike Franklin
Nimda Team

"DatAccess has additional vendors..."


Thanks for picking up the membership on Data Access again. Sometimes when I have a minute, after I've searched for a part on the other Sites, I run it again on Data Access to see how they compare. Data Access almost always has all the same vendors, and sometimes has additional ones. Just thought you'd want to know.


Marnie DiVita
Raytheon Aircraft Services

"I love DatAccess above all others..."


I love DatAccess above all others. For buying parts there is no equal once you learn to use it. It has found quite a few parts for me.

Jeff Ickes
Meritt Aviation

Our sales guy in Ohio really likes all the extras. One of the good things is we can all be on at one time. Have a great day! Thanks for checking on us.

Chrys Smith
Meritt Aviation

"I’m very impressed by DatAccess..."


We have had 4 RFQ's come in through e-mail today so far and also - I received a telephone call on my personal phone. I didn't realize that this was going to take off like a rocket! I'm very impressed by the activity being generated by DatAccess.


Mike Reeves
Avionics International Supply, Inc.